What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine sulphate, also called chitosamine, is a natural supplement that is packed with beneficial health properties. Glucosamine is easily absorbed by the body and effectively works to fight against symptoms associated with osteoarthritis.

This powerful remedy may even help slow the ageing process, assist with wound healing, reduce scarring from injuries, and reduce muscle and joint stiffness.

How a Glucosamine Supplement Can Help You

If you are suffering from glucosamine deficiency, experiencing symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, or would like some extra relief with joint aches and pains, a glucosamine supplement may be a helpful remedy. Glucosamine sulphate may reduce inflammation in the joints and promote joint mobility, as well as strengthen cartilage, and slow the ageing process.

A glucosamine supplement may or may not assist with your particular health needs. So before beginning supplementation, it’s important to consult your physician and see if a glucosamine supplement is the correct choice.


If you are pregnant or lactating, consult a health care professional before using glucosamine. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use glucosamine if the safety seal on the bottle is broken.